One of the Most Records Holding Manufacturer of Flanges, Valves, Fittings and many other Industrial Products, Serving Beyond Expectations!


One of the Most Records Holding Manufacturer of Flanges, Valves, Fittings and many other Industrial Products, Serving Beyond Expectations!
About Us

Industrial products engineering has always remained one of the most flourishing businesses of the Indian markets. A number of companies that are involved in trade of engineering industrial items are getting healthy turnovers as well as profits. Analyzing such massive business opportunities in business of Industrial Products including Valves, Flanges, PU Pipes, Pneumatic Cylinders, etc., Mr. Mital invested a significant amount of his savings in this business. He started a company, address plate of which states its name as Simek Engineering. The sole proprietorship company is registered in Government books as a manufacturer. We value commitments and respect customers, the records we have made and journey we had till the date clearly reflect this. Nothing is more important to us than serving high quality range to our customers and to certain that, we follow a number of strict work approaches. Our valves are identified for their excellent pressure bearing capacity & anti-corrosive surface, whereas flanges we offer are known for their precision engineering and resistance against wear & tear. Moreover, we take complete responsibility of our work, safe and prompt shipment of clients' order is a step taken by us in this context.

Planning- An Important Part of Our Business

Perfection, this is not just a word, with use of it define tasks done of our company are defined by the customers. Achieving this is not easy, a lot of planning and policies designing work is done by our people to have this in our products, processes as well as work approaches. The management staff along with the team discuss about the challenges as well as goals and then in mutual agreement they make plans, following which operations of our company are performed. On such meetings, several things are discussed and plans for quality controlling, satisfying customers and marketing business are made.

Reasons Behind Our Success in The Market
  • Multi-talented Professionals- The experts in our team are intelligent, self learner and motivated individuals, who do not restrict themselves towards completing their work, rather actively participate in several operations of the company.
  • Sound Capital Resources- Labors cannot do all the business tasks with market demanded rate of perfection, hence some machines, tools & facilities are required. Knowing this, we have maintained sound capital resources that give productive results to us.
  • Pricing Policy- Range of our company finds its use in several industries from agriculture to water supply, oil & petroleum, etc. All the industries have customers of different budget groups, to be reliable source of many clients, we always charge nominal rates for providing our creations.
  • Customer Oriented Practices- Every customer to deal with a company which thinks about his/her concerns, convenience and benefits and we have made ourselves such firm. We work with following such practices that give satisfaction and smile to the clients.
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